Fluffy Fibers Podcast: I am back! Summer 2022

I. My Cup of Tea

Butterfly of Taiwan – Le Palais des Thés

II. A Handmade Wardrobe

Belle des Champs Dress – Lise Tailor; in organic cotton gaze from deadstock, from Fil Etik.

Hack for the gathered skirt on Lise Tailor’s blog.

III. A Bit of Sewing

Robe Rose – Le Camélia Rose in Fil Étik organic cotton lawn spun, woven and dyed in France

Robe Monica – Apolline Patterns in Stragier “Une” Niagara cotton lawn

Easy Peasy Top – Lise Tailor in Lise Tailor Esquisse Printemps EcoVero viscose

Ma Première Blouse – Joli Lab

Jupe Lisette – Lise Tailor (I also mention the Liseron Tee)

Tokyo – Atelier Scammit in Lise Tailor Maple EcoVero Viscose

Janie Jumpsuit – my version is here on IG.

IV. A Bit of Knitting

Cumulus Blouse – Petite Knits in Drops Kid-Silk ‘Chalk’ (shade 38). My Ravelry project page.

Yuria – MarGueNée Designs in Rosarios 4 Alfama. My Ravelry project page.

Test knit for MarGueNée in West Yorkshire Spinners Elements DK.

Lise Tailor – Mohair Lace

Rosa Bridal – Along Avec Anna

V. My Daughter’s Makes

Graine créative – Punch Needle kit – ‘Diptyque

VI. A Bit of Crochet

Rosette Drawstring Bag by Stephanie Lau. My Ravelry project page.

Shoulder Bag by Wannipa Yunker. My Ravelry project page.

Boho Circle Bags – combining this pattern and this circle; using Bergère de France Pur Coton in Sodalite and Argile. My Ravelry project pages.

Summer Days Daisy Bag by Steaphnie Lau in Bergère de France Pur Coton in Sodalite – écru – citrine. My Ravelry project page.

Sunburst granny square blanket using Drops Cotton Merino. My Ravelry project page.

Music credits: Chopin’s Cantabile in B flat major, performed by Aya Higuchi: https://musopen.org/music/4362-cantabile-in-bb-b-84/

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